A Tribute to Lana Del Rey

by Revamp

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    Revamp's first official project, "A Tribute to Lana Del Rey"

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After 3 years, Revamp finally releases his first body of work "A Tribute to Lana Del Rey." A Chronological 7 Tracks all on Lana Del Rey Samples.


released September 21, 2012

written/recorded by: Revamp
produced/engineered by: Revamp
(excluding "Lana" which was produced by Killap)
mixed/mastered by: Revamp
album art by: Revamp on MS Paint then J-Cray-Z on Photoshop
software: FL Studio 10 and an unrecommended recording program.

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Track Name: Lana (Prod. by Killap)
I walked outside it was a cold day
Felt bitter like I need my soul saved
From the home base saying fuck the old ways
Got a bold taste from a cup of OJ
Its my cocaine, but that's a closed case
Man, I just wanna live with no shame
We just leave it where it was in the first place
Unless it's a beat, I give it girl names
I meet Lana, It's kinda coincidence
The kind of things I could rhyme on the instruments
We walked through the park shared thoughts til the dark
Even though every piece of time is a business
She asked my name I said Lana please
They call me Matt but Revamp on beats
Then she was falling like a chain in water
Yet I was fallin too but insanely harder

Nah nah, you have to wait
But be ready with your packing tape
You never know when you pass today man
Things can change, they have to change
Nah nah, you have to wait
But be ready with your packing tape
You never know when you pass today
Things can change, they have to change

It was bliss it seemed, literally
Pull up a chair, sit and see the imagery
Though we know that it all would end bitterly
At first we'd disagree only bout the little things
Bit of belittlement, limits and ignorance
Seems I'm addicted with the fact that I can't quit it since
It's ridiculous, but its different
She turned miserous from every hint i didn't get
And they talk shit, lots of gossip
But i thought it would pass like we wanted
I am honest, there was progress
Dropped the ball and, there I lost it
Very Haunting, on my hands and knees
Saying Lana please but like an amputee
She doesn't feel me, because i used her
Now I'm really, a fucking loser

Nah nah, you have to wait
But be ready with your packing tape
You never know when you pass today man
Things can change, they have to change
Nah nah, you have to wait
But be ready with your packing tape
You never know when you pass today
Things can change, they have to change

And just when I thought that we had enough
She took the bag was done, and she packed it up
In the traffic running, from past becomings
Trashed in public, I hacked a lung
She was strapped with guns, stressin to kill shit
Least that power was her steady fulfillment
Ready and willing, to never see me again
But still I'd chase her to the deepest of ends
And you don't know the rut Revamp is in
And you don't know the fuck whats damaging
Cancerous, I'm gambling
Always at a loss saying Lana, shit
And it can't be this
So many questions and canvasses
Blank, I can't answer them
I gotta manage them, I can't manage this

You have to wait
But be ready with your packing tape
You never know when you pass today man
Things can change, they have to change
Nah nah, you have to wait
But be ready with your packing tape
You never know when you pass today
Things can change, they have to change
Track Name: Trouble
Now she was a closed book, with no covers
Til you go under, and her soul guts ya
Only showin the first page in the first place
Then the whole comes in, and it's oh fuck it
Walked in every place like she owned it
Talked and never stayed for the moment
Options entertained all her coastin
Soft as wedding cake til you hoped it
This just made her more elusive
More a beauty and more a nuisance
Im sorta loosened so I'm torquin screws when
She probably made more than forty boring new friends
Dedicated to her medicated on herb
Can't Find Nerves or words to turn
Away from this like payed for bliss
I'm burned cause I work don't earn

At first, you wouldnt see the ambition
Right when you thought there couldnt be a transition
Bad to worse, when good was in the hand clinchin
Need communication but cant put a piece in transmission
And I can't grip it, another stroll alone
With Lana on my head like I'm comatose
Not thinking about anything but going home
Waiting, and dwelling on her when I show my soul
That's how i suppose it goes
I feel I cannot change a thing
One thing they should grow to know
Its realer than endangerment I need her to be sane to live
You can call this craziness but I dont really care
You dont know the half of it, and I dont feel to share
Chasin and all I'd truly like to is,
Make it or I'll ruin my life through it

All was safe and sound, still Id wait around
I always put it on the pedestal to take it down
And Im breakin now crack in the vase
Its a fact it'll stay til Im Passin away
And Im Driven to be livin to cope
and every little bit shes givin me hope
Sick in the head? man im sick to the bone
we work so good but we're differnt it shows
but no excuse could ever stop a dream
if i quit now time would just be haunting me
talk is cheap but the songs are deep
while most laugh at me like a comedy
Damn, they musta missed the picture
they don;t understand why shes in my written
in my visions yet im sticking with it
while they look for romance in the indecision

...and it aint over if im blessed
and it aint over if im dead
and it aint over if time ends
its strong it lives on
...and it aint over if im blessed
and it aint over if im dead
and it aint over if time ends
its strong it lives on
Track Name: Black & White
Seems like she found what she wants
kept it locked tight down in the vault
had the cake washed down with seasalt
i only saw half, proud with resolve
she finally saw, what she never saw before
bass line like a snake eyed honor roll
mixed opinions food of an omnivore
all that gotten close fall like dominoes
but harder than that,
metaphorically she will put your heart in a cast
but the heart attack of true sound love
gave me a new found trust
but only i can read it
she decides the eyes its reaching
i know its me, i step to stand
Revamp and Lana, a second chance

She cant see how to approach it
past leaves a future focus
her brain is pooched and roasted
in pain she truly knows it
so she walked up feeling imposing
like imposters feeling emotion
nervous, started small talk
even though we all know the targets all lost
a hike to the top just to march and fall off
but not her she gets what she want
she gets full bars your calls drop
shes baller your left in the swamp
its hard to say when she walked away
she went back to a common place
left the rest to contemplate
with lots of space to get off her case

and she found love again
and she was the type just to rub it in
let all know for the summers end
sorry closed turned come instead
and whats up with that
she said he said coming back
is the type of strides a dying coward do
sour truth drinking diet mountain dew
i said i just wanna die in peace
with you beside me please
happiness is my belief
but i cant breathe and im in need
and time'll teach
all the different things that i could be
but i aint happy finally,
you found love but i wish that guy was me
Track Name: Feel Good
Truthfully, It seems there is no use to me
Brutally im just chasing what used to be
usefully ive wasted all my energy
made more friends than enemies but take it as her recipe
but i keep on you could call it faithfully
cause ive been robbed, she is far away from me
all is well, i act like, call it help
cause i guess thats how the cards are delt
and i can't change it its a damn shame and
i dont understand why Lana's into man breakin
its a fair statement, that i cant face it
i cant micky mouse around with my fantasia
live in damnation, n stop what i start,
im sorry if that chops up apart cause
i follow my heart, drop it in tunes
and accept what you want but im wantin the truth girl.

but what does that mean, I'm still in the dark
looking for blanks just to fill them with art
in the back seat when i should be navigating,
bet im took when taps are made with drills to the heart
dont need affirmation to attach a meaning
this is amalgamations of what Matt is needing
third person like he really has to beat it
smash to pieces, cadaver steed or crafty demon
and im past allegiance, and infatuation
way past relief and cant seem to have some patience
say that i am cursed with wating for the verdict
to surface, dug a moat from sadly pacin
now theres alligator blocking out the outside
but talking bout the doubts i softly route the outline
theres no animation just a little bit of love
still from her, so im giving it a shove

Yeah Lana I know
I thought its obvious im damaged and slow
but will you lead til my soul'll bleed
and do you feed off my only need
sorry i preach but i cant let go
its my dance to try cant imply and impose
my chance to strive and ill die stand or float
im crammin hope, to strive lana dont
b lined it felt like shes been lied to
fee fied and foes would only see bias
the weathers nice but it still feels minus
she was already so cold when she realized it
so i think that this is how it has to be
but even living lavishly without her isnt happily
sobbing to the point where making steps haunts me
then i got a message, save your breath call me
Track Name: Negatives
now that shes obtainable im truly in loss
got the number arranged but cant hit call
cant maintain and cope nah its wrong
got the prize but i feel like ive been shit on
and im pissed off what was she doing
when i was waiting she was fucking and screwing
when i was patient she was loving and bruising
other hearts i see the picture that the puzzles producing
and to be honest i cant really handle it
tears flooded the room up to the candle wick
and right before i coulda doused the flames she convinced me to have no doubts she changed

Seemed good and great each piece was put in place
seeds cultivated to culminate
but i shoulda paid more attention took the bait
when i saw the hook for days and i thought i coulda changed
threw it all away now i got a ball n chain
assume its all okay everyday i contemplate
on some solid ground, but aint calmin down
not right now, shes gonna wanna walk away
and im on a path fate says it is for me
by lying is an indicy why cant i live blissfully
i am trippin see when im with you
you're slipping from the grip of me from all my issues
all the misuse of lessons that i been through
from i miss you to stressin if i get you
having you to losing you from battling and using you to wanting you from losing you from having you from stupid moves having you to losing you cause that wasn't truly true
now i have you again, but what a dude to do?
and im a move or to from finally ending this
but then i think of how she helped me strive through the negatives
Track Name: Fantasy
I think about her everyday but i feel ignored
i talk to her everyday but i feel ignored
the ceilings soared past where i can feel reward
wish i wielded more a knight without a shield and sword
its the realest force told myself i'd change it all
its not right how i always seem to make it wrong
on some major tom crashed it all to pay the cost
i am trying to fix what is past the point of breaking off
lost parts launched heart farr out the ballpark
alls lost sob not, listen theres a small spark
but i gotta ignited and be delighted
but im frightened by the sight of it this what you call talk
what am i saying man i couldnt see it differently
i must be kidding me it shouldnt be an issue beats
the licing shit from me some how i still forget to breathe
but when she hints to leave im just gonna get the keys

Lana gives a please? seems like i have flipped the plead
shes always right though its probably why i grit my teeth
but i aint a gangster, though we do share bigger dreams
still i couldnt see it differently from what it is to me
blissfully me and lana sitting in the kissing tree
symphonies of pretty things envisioned in my imagary
it would be the biggest leap, make magicians lift to feet
told her the truth, shes thinking about living free
i guess its too much love for me to love her right
i guess im too obsessed i guess the problems really me
i didn't do enough, of what she comes to like
i stretch a stupid mess and stress til all the realness leaves
fuck this im done been trustin your under
the rug shit for too long, to still be chasing nothing
i need someone whos really understanding me
so i say Lana please, i think we cannot be
its was a fantasy, that would only damage me
so i said Lana please, i think we cannot be
Its just a fantasy all it does is damage me
biggest mistake of my life, a second chance a dream
thrown away, now we really cannot be
i lie to myself, now we really cannot be
i try and talk to her but we really cannot be
cause she doesnt talk to me, now ive reached insanity
Track Name: Memories
I can't not remember these things that are memories
every piece adds to my recipe
of a legacy even though i left her she
did all the real leaving in the centrepiece
still i ask myself, if its meant to be
and deep down, i hope that eventually
ill be fine, one day then be free
but lana always gets an extra lead ahead of me
and it gets to me deeper than you know
like an enemy leaving all the lows
but when i look at the past i see the positives
when i was shook and irrationally lost within
shits confusing, need a new labotomist
this empty spot within has gotten big
but i cant let it take me to the bottom with
i gotta look up, reach for the oxygen

here i am, trying to retract the bad
sounding soft as a matress pad
my life isnt made to attract a mass
i just wanna smile, and have a laugh
believe that, even though it sounds like a joke
i guess thats how it'll go
i guess i cant be so proud i suppose
if i can't learn how to be down with the woes
yeah, and it sounds good to go
but the real problem is that im drowning in hope
round as a hole, found in the soul
the sourest outcome accounts for my goals
and i dont know, am i negative or positive
pessimist or optimist, i am where the problem is
so i need to juggle it
before i double it cause i've had enough of it

so i accept my vacant cell, and don't stress the face that fell
i learned how to embrace myself
this act i knew she wouldnt take it well
i said its nice and its good to pretend
but its not enough so we couldnt be friends
I wish i could help with all the confusion
but til you make a move its all an illusion
not the best of things, but she respected it
got to entering defeated sentences
an ultimatum Id risk in the purpose
just for her to give me the verdict
so if it all falls, i wont go fast
i will walk on, on my own path
revamp is free no more Lana please
but i'll keep stepping where i can be seen